About us

Iot Jedi is an IoT company focused on make visible the data to better protect what is most important to your business or industry.

We are a team of serial entrepreneurs, engineers and investors, who have been in the Internet business for more than 20 years. Being pioneers is part of our DNA. We know that everything we dream can be turned into reality, if we work on it with persistence, focused and with the right team.

Where we are

IoTJEDI is a technology partner of i4C, the most important Industry Fourth innovation hub in western Canada.

We are part of a vibrant multinational community made up of scientists and engineers from around the world, who have come to join this cluster to play big.

Trail is a 5-Bloom Community and a two-time Communities in Bloom National Winner is located in the beautiful West Kootenay region. Our active, affordable, safe and volunteer-oriented community boasts four-season recreation and wilderness opportunities that support an enviable quality of life, making it an ideal place to call home.

Benefits of come and doing business in Trail:

  • Low municipal tax rates, development tax exemption bylaws and land tax incentives.
  • Low municipal tax rates, development tax exemption bylaws and land tax incentives.
  • Commercial and residential real estate prices significantly below BC average.
  • Close proximity to trading areas and US border, robust transportation infrastructure including access to highways, rail and airports.
  • High performing public, independent and post secondary institutions.
  • Secure employment and tourism sectors.
  • Diverse and affluent population.
  • To learn more about working and living here, visit the WorkWestKootenay website or view information on investing in the Lower Columbia region.

Products & Services


VIKING SHIELD PLATFORM tracks and protects people without complex or expensive infrastructure. While alternative real time location system technologies like passive RFID and infrared require significant investments in power sources, cabling, readers, and antennas, the VIKING SHIELD Monitoring Center is fast to install and battery-powered. This means you’ll cover many square miles while still getting accurate location and occupational safety data.

VIKING SHIELD PLATFORM are geared towards preventing: 

  • Work-related fatal injuries
  • Lost-time and disabling injury frequency
  • Total recordable injury frequency.
  • High-potential incident frequency.

The human body as a source of the data, the technologies used to transfer it, and the AI approach to analyze it, are our biggest differentiators.

We allow the truth to come forward (not an interpretation of the events), we allow that data to travel in real-time where there are no networks (we are our own network), and we allow our AI to learn so that tomorrow it will better serve the purpose of the admin (in terms of its safety, sustainability, productivity goals). Data entry can include from conscience deprivation and Cannabis smoke to fight patterns and restricted area access.